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There is still room on walls, on desks, and
in wallets for the printed image.

Growing up, the printed photograph seemed a prized possession. Photo albums, framed images, and wallet-sized senior pictures were the norm. Some of those old memories surround me still, joined by new ones that I have created. I need only turn my head to see a few favorites to be reminded of important people and events. I love the look and presence of a quality print.

Today, the printed image has taken a back seat to its digital sibling. I get it. I enjoy them, too. They can be viewed almost anywhere at anytime. Sharing your favorite photos has never been easier. That is why I also offer digital solutions like social media images and even a customized smart phone app that allows you to share your images as easily as they are viewed. It is a wonderful world!

Mark Gunter

Owner, Photographer

The art of photography has been a part of my path to a more creative, fulfilling life. Photography allows me to be a small part of families, businesses, and individuals I would otherwise likely never get a chance to meet. Thank you for choosing me to help document your products, record your events, and preserve your memories.

As part of my continuing effort to improve my craft, I am an active member of Professional Photographers of America.

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